"I appreciate having the wisdom of a highly accomplished Head of School just a phone call away. My judgment is enriched by my access to RG175's knowledge and experience, and my school benefits greatly from our collaboration."

-- Dr. Mary Halpin Carter, Head of School, Derryfield School, NH

Never Stop Learning

Working with trustees, managing faculty, diffusing parent issues, marketing, fund raising, crisis management–these are just a handful of concerns that keep heads of school up at night. With this list of responsibilities is the growing isolation of heads.

We believe that all heads of school need a thought partner to aid them in navigating the complexities of the job. Our consultants help heads reframe issues, devise strategy and tactics, manage change, and thoughtfully consider how to respond to a problem. Because their relationship is exclusively with the head of school, our consultants can act as sounding boards and provide a vehicle for a head to test ideas before implementation.

We develop open and honest relationships with our head clients, allowing for a free exchange of ideas that leads to better solutions. Our consultants typically set up regularly scheduled phone calls and are also available for counsel when more immediate problems arise. Our focus is the success of the head and with it, the success of the school.

Although we believe that all heads can benefit from the wise counsel of a former successful head of school, our consultants strongly support the establishment of a head-mentor relationship for first-time heads of school. Read More