Thomas C. Hudnut
Search Consultant

Los Angeles, California

(818) 512-3811

Background: A magna cum laude graduate of Princeton with a Master’s degree from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts, Tom Hudnut began his teaching career at St. Albans School (DC) in 1970.

A school head for 36 years, he has led Norwood School (K-6) in Maryland, Branson School (9-12) in California, and, for 26 years, first Harvard and then Harvard-Westlake School in Los Angeles (7-12, two campuses, 1,600 students).

During his career, Tom has served on the boards of six independent schools (including service on four search committees) and one private college in addition to his Presidencies of The Headmasters Association, The Country Day School Headmasters' Association, The Cum Laude Society, and the California Association of Independent Schools.

He has chaired more than 15 regional accrediting teams and been a member of several more. He currently sits on four foundation boards (one medical, two educational, one public interest), a college board, and has served as an Area Planning Commissioner for the City of Los Angeles.

Tom’s experience as a fundraiser and mentor is noteworthy: during his years at Harvard-Westlake, the school raised close to $400 Million in annual, capital and endowment gifts; and 23 of his former administrators and faculty have gone on to become independent school heads.