MISSION: We create partnerships with schools to identify, foster and support exceptional leaders that will enable those schools and their students to thrive.

CORE VALUES: Based on our collective experience as school leaders and search consultants, our commitment is to:

  • • Identify, foster and support school leadership for the greater purpose of student success.
  • • Bring the highest ethical standards to our work.
  • • Recruit a diverse pool of candidates as a priority, and believe inclusion is a strength.
  • • Ensure a partnership with each school and tailor every search to meet the client’s needs.
  • • Listen carefully, thereby gaining a deep understanding of each school community.
  • • Treat every school and candidate with respect.
  • • Pursue continuous learning and innovation.
  • • Advance successful leadership transitions.


Although our historical focus has been on head of school searches, our consultants are committed to cultivating and supporting independent and international school leadership. We mentor heads of school and work with boards of trustees on proper governance as well as planning. In addition, we provide counsel to aspiring heads through presentations at national conferences. We take great pride in the time and attention we provide to these educational leaders, sharing our expertise and insights in order to promote leadership. Our blog is yet another example of the firm’s commitment to fostering the growth of the next generation of independent school leaders.

"Although the conversations are difficult, I care deeply about talking to candidates who did not advance in a search. It gives me the opportunity to share with them my thoughts about their candidacy and what they might work on to better prepare themselves for a headship. It is one of the most satisfying parts of my work."

— Deborah Reed, Consultant, Resource Group 175


Resource Group 175 was established in 2002, and its founders, Edes Gilbert and Clay Stites (Founder), were head search consultants associated with Independent Educational Services. IES was the premier, non-profit teacher and administrative placement firm that served independent schools all over the country for three decades. RG175, from its inception, has been committed to highly personalized leadership and governance consulting to schools, based on the values of integrity, inclusivity, knowledge, and flexibility. There are now 16 of us working on head of school searches as well as providing other services to independent schools all over the country, and international schools around the world.

Since the firm's founding, our goal has been to offer highly personalized and reasonably priced leadership consulting to schools. Today, RG175 remains true to those goals. Our work is based on integrity, inclusivity, knowledge, transparency, and flexibility—all in the service of the client school and its mission. We are personally and professionally experienced in recognizing, promoting, and sustaining leadership at both the executive and governance levels in schools. A consultation begins with the premise and principle that RG175 becomes a partner with and advocate for the school.

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