"RG175 was a life-saver for our Strategic Plan process. The firm steered something that could have been a divisive process and made it into a unifying one."

--Tess Ayers, Chair, Strategic Plan Steering Committee Westmark School, Los Angeles, CA

Find Your North Star

The formula for independent school success begins with a shared vision, grounded in the school’s mission, an objective assessment of the degree to which the school is living the mission, and an understanding of the market. A.G. Lafley and Roger Martin call this kind of vision “a winning aspiration.”

Establishing “a winning aspiration” requires that heads of school and boards of trustees understand their roles and how each can add value to the school. It requires talent, transparency, and collaboration, all of which have to be thoughtfully and intentionally built as part of the foundation for realizing the vision. Having a great vision without the structures to realize that vision is a recipe for failure.

With their many years of successful experience and their deep knowledge of independent and international school governance, RG175 consultants can help your school find and realize its “winning aspiration.” Our consultants know the key questions schools must ask themselves to set the stage for strategic planning. They understand the proper roles for both heads and trustees- a critical prerequisite for formulating and achieving a shared vision. Through an open and collaborative partnership, RG175 consultants help independent schools find their North Star and the path to get there.

The RG175 Difference:

  • Facilitating Board Retreats
  • Promoting Healthy Board-Head Relationships
  • Conducting Institutional Assessments
  • Providing Counsel For Strategic Planning
  • Counseling Schools During Leadership Transitions