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Transforming an Independent School

Transforming an Independent School: An Interview with Mark Davis, Head of St. Luke’s School, CT 

Despite the uptick in independent school enrollment due to the pandemic, few serious observers believe that the issue of financial sustainability is going away post-pandemic. The trend has been clear for several years- many schools throughout the country are losing enrollment, and even more areas of the country are witnessing a softening market. But amidst this gloom are some dramatic turnaround stories. St. Luke’s School in New Canaan, CT offers one such story. Under the leadership of Mark Davis, Head of School, St. Luke’s has thrived. Mark, in his humble way, would be the first to say that the lessons he has learned should not be applied universally. However, his story of leadership is compelling, and if you listen carefully, independent school leaders can learn some valuable principles in change management and the process of transforming a school. 

In our inaugural podcast, RG175 consultant Tom Olverson interviews Mark Davis to better understand the key components in turning around an independent school. You can find the podcast here. Let us know what you think by emailing Tom at tolverson@rg175.com.